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Fine artist Gail C. Gray has lived and worked in Lancaster Pennsylvania since 1972, maintaining a downtown studio since 1991. Gray earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a dual major in Painting and Design from Carnegie Mellon University. Gray continued her studies at Carnegie Mellon in graduate printmaking under the direction of Professor Robert Gardener. Gray has exhibited in juried and invitational art events nationally, regionally and locally.

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My Upcoming Events

“The Shore and More“
Friday, November 4th, 2016 at the Ware Center

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Conventional thinking about the history of science had assumed that scientific knowledge proceeds incrementally, as an ongoing accumulation of facts and theories, moving ever closer to an ultimate truth. A classic illustration of this, is that of a paradigm shift, wherein a universal view posited as geocentric was replaced by a heliocentric or sun-centered model. Copernicus first proclaimed this scientific reality, but it was Galileo who reintroduced it - to the extreme and uncompromising displeasure of Orthodox Christianity.

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Past Exhibits

Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations -- Nov 30, 2015
Ware Center -- November 1st, 2013

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