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Portals debuted on the First Friday (including in-concert live performances) of December 2017 at the Ware Center Performing and Visual Arts location of Millersville University in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The paintings will be on exhibit throughout December 2017. Portals feature 12 abstract paintings, each titled to suggest a subject which will function as the inspiration and for a different performance while a large projected image of each painting will serve as the backdrop. Performers included dancers, singers, musicians, comedy or drama acts, all playing off each of the 12 "portals". A "portal" is my term for a verbal statement, question, description of an abstract or concrete idea, meant to be used as a launching point for a plot, poem, or construct as a performance. My images are purposely abstract allowing for creative freedom of interpretation by performers.

Islands in the Stream of Consciousness

How to find Lost Objects

Real is all illusion

Contours of Immunity

Self Assembly Required

Secret Recipe

Wedge Issue

Absolute Elsewhere

What is Dust?

The Burden of Truth

Ongoing Event - Riggings

Block and Snapshackle

Green Boat